Pipes for Bore Well Application (As Per IS:12818)

pipes-for-bore-wellThe System
Tube wells generally fail due to problems like corrosion and encrustation associated with conventional materials like corrosion and encrustation. Due to corrosion the strainer screens get damaged and the sand particles come out along with the water. Due to encrustation, pipe diameter as well as effective area of screen reduces and hence tube well becomes unserviceable within few years. These problems associated with conventional materials are totally eliminated in Super casing pipes made from specially developed PVC compound. Super casing pipes offer superior performance at a lower cost and become the prime3 choice of the customer.
Super offers verities of pipes for bore well applications to cater every need of bore well sector which includes Casing Pipes as per IS 12818, Ribbed screen casing pipes for tube wells. SDR casing pipe series for shallow depth applications as per company standard, plain pipes as well as screen (slotted) pipes are available in every category of casing pipes. Slotted pipes can also be used for rainwater harvesting. Column pipes for submersible pumps are also offered to lift the water from the bore wells.
USERS: Very encouraging results have made the Super uPVC casing pipes well accepted by civil engineers, drilling contractors and government/semi government departments. They are ideal for domestic wells, irrigation wells, industrial wells, public wells, mining wells etc.

Features and Benefits

Excellent corrosion resistance: Unlike steel pipes, uPVC is totally immune to corrosion and offer good resistance to aggressive elements in the soil and normal chemical action, which could cause encrustation of well screens.

Light in weight: These pipes are light in weight and hence transportation and installation becomes much easier. This is a major advantage particularly in remote rural areas where road communications are not satisfactory and well construction is a one-time exercise.

Quick and convenient installation: These pipes are equipped with good quality threaded joint, thus Super casing pipes and screens are easily assembled and installed where drilling is done by hand with light weight drilling rig or even with large capacity drilling machines.

Excellent stiffness: These pipes have excellent stiffness and meet all the mechanical properties as per IS 12818 specification. These pipes have excellent hydrostatic collapse pressure i.e. capable of withstanding the external hydraulic pressure they would be subjected to during well construction.

Non-Toxic: The material of the pipe is non-toxic and hence does not impart any taste, odour or colour. It does not release any harmful substances to water from well, which could pose health problem. It is free from bacteria and hence absolutely safe for carrying drinking water.

Non-conductive: uPVC is non-conductor of electricity, which eliminates any electro chemical reaction with ground water, which could cause encrustation of screens.

Longer tasting: Being free from rusting, weathering and chemical reaction and due to excellent mechanical properties, Super casing pipes last for lifetime.

Economical: When all the advantages listed above are taken into consideration, it would be seen that in most cases Super uPVC casing pipes and screens provide the best cost benefit ratio when compare to other materials or even alternative uPVC casing pipes available in the marke

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